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Little Pink Teacup: April 2013

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Welcome to Little Pink Teacup

About Me.
I'm a twenty-something (let's just say I've passed the half-way mark) mummy of one and devoted wife to a man who thinks it's acceptable to dress a toddler in 'Tuesday' socks on a Saturday.
We live a quiet life on the south coast of England in East Sussex, working and parenting near-exclusively, though when we go out it tends to be for live music (clinging onto youth I think that's called).
I work full-time as a restaurant supervisor, my husband does the majority of the child care in our house which admittedly is unconventional but works for us, some days are harder than others, ideally I would like to be a stay-at-home mum, but I am the main wage-earner in our household so unfortunately not right now.
I'm currently pregnant with our second child, a boy, who is due in August.
I love art, reading, awful television and barista-ing. My loves are my family, beauty, green tea, cake, metal and coffee.

About 'Little Pink Teacup'.
'Little Pink Teacup' is a family-lifestyle blog that has two main focuses; living on a budget and discussing topics and products relative to family-living.
We are a low income family; part of this is a lifestyle choice which over time will be expressed. As a result, I have come accustomed to a frugal lifestyle and living on a controlled budget. This blog will cover some of those tips and tricks that I implement monthly.
'Little Pink Teacup' will also feature a few insights into my daily life, a place where the only alone time I get is in the toilet at work. Look out for NMAs (non-mummy adventures), which will be my brief interludes into my life outside of being 'just mummy'.
I hope that the journey we take together here will be a long, fun one!


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